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Paid search is a very important part of social media marketing. Our specialists can help you integrate your paid search advertising programs with social media programs on networks like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and viral video sites. We use paid search primarily to drive sales, leads, and conversion helping your business growth.

Stronger brand awareness through social media helps drive paid search effectiveness :

Target audiences are more likely to search

Target audiences are more likely to click

Because of higher click-through rates, ads are placed higher on page

Thru our services we can help you optimize social and paid search programs to work in a complementary way to boost your ROI:


1. Our Team can make your social campaigns search-friendly.
We will make sure your social media programs (Facebook, Twitter, viral video, and others.) are appropriately tagged and indexed, and that metadata for pages includes your most important keywords. This will allow people searching for your brand content to find your paid search ads and also, to find your social media content as well.


2. Experiment with keyword advertising on social media sites.
Facebook and YouTube both allow for keyword targeted advertising, but the way that these ads work is vastly different from how advertising works on Google or the Content Network. Facebook ads allow you to target users based on preferences they list on their profile. YouTube’s advertising system allows you to target specific user queries.


3. Create social media-influenced paid search campaigns.
We will analyze the topics and discussions taking place around your social media campaigns, and then mine these discussions for new keywords you can use in paid search campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Whatever people are talking about, bid on keywords that reflect these conversations.

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