Why us?


We began producing commercial websites in 1997, mainly for small businesses in Bucharest (Romania) and in less than two years started to deliver our first projects for North America (USA & Canada). Word of mouth recommendations and a good standing reputation helped us bounce back from the bad times to be better and better each time around.

AHS welcomes the opportunity to work with anyone and for any type of project that challenges us. Our target is to deliver a captivating design, having complete functionality, innovate where is needed and reuse/repurpose where best fit.
The company’s current client database includes businesses throughout 4 continents: North America, South America, Europe & Australia with local offices in the UK & Belgium for Europe’s sales and support and Romania for R&D. We are also with strong local presence in California for West Coast USA and Florida for East Coast USA.

With our extensive design and marketing experience we will customize any website to suit the needs of the targeted audience. We will look closely at how best to convey the essence of each business, the most appropriate layout of the site, ease of navigation, usage of and balance between graphics and text and even the quality and style of language and expression used. All these bundled with state of the art Social Marketing and dedicated webmasters and support personnel.

We use the latest design software and are meticulous in our crafting of a site in order to ensure its marketability to the most important and appropriate search engines.

AHS is the exact model of what a Web Agency & Consulting firm should be. The mixture of talent from all fields, ranging from project management, 3D graphic development, network engineering, computer programming, app development, social marketing and web design, AHS has the skill set to surpass the competition. With our diverse team and extensive array of skills available, we are able to provide services for both large and small organizations. And with a focus on a long term partnership with our customers, we are motivated to provide superior support and service at every step of the way.

The time of static, dull advertising is gone. It is now time to take advantage of the new world way of spreading information about your business. Through the many outlets and skill sets that AHS brings to the table, it is time to bring your advertising needs to the new world. AHS offers every one of our clients an experienced team who is dedicated to their work and promises the best end result.

With any size product or introduction of new technology, the basis of success is always measured by the providers’ ability to manage the tasks at hand. AHS manages all projects with proven methodology mixed with personal attention. Each request is assigned to our team of professional programmers, designers and IT specialists whom are fully managed by our team project managers.

Beyond the initial scope of any of our projects we come with our continuing support and on-going managed services. Turn-key services allow us to not only develop specific solutions for our clients but allow our clients to expand at any rate with the confidence that we have the support capabilities to compensate. Our managed solutions are both cost effective and efficient for our clients by eliminating the need for additional internal IT employees or other third-party providers.


Commitment to Satisfaction

AHS Development Center works with all clients to clarify requirements, resolve issues quickly and professionally, and to strive to be sure all software and services are delivered as requested and as expected. We seek to provide our services for long term partners to ensure stable, reliable delivery of technology solutions and long lasting business relationships. We understand the importance of execution and client satisfaction, and therefore we constantly strive for excellence in all services we offer.

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