Time and Material

AHS team is currently providing a variety of flexible Time & Material service options at various clients all over the world.

When the software application development project scope, specification and implementation plans cannot be precisely defined at the outset or requirements change dynamically during the project implementation process, our time and material model provides the flexibility of varying the size and the workloads of the software development team assign to your project, while optimizing the time and costs.

Under the time and material option, AHS provides skilled resources and the development services part is billed at the end of every month based on a pre negotiated and a mutually agreed hourly rate. The agreement can be negotiated for a few months or for several months. The total cost of each project is determined by the amount of time and resources expended and the complexity of the development.

When you can use Time and Material option:

  • when your requirements are not clear
  • when the project is spread over several months or several years
  • when you require high degree of flexibility
  • when you want the project development process to be tailored to your requirements
  • when you want the resources to be controlled directly
  • when you want dedicated team.

Cost of Time and Material

If you wish to go for the time and material option, we would finalize on a fixed hourly rate, lower than our average rate and quote the same to you after going through the source code and analyzing skills required for the dedicated developers. The commitment we expect under this model needs to be a minimum period of 6 months. Expect minimum 2 dedicated developers to work under this model Cost of software development on Time and Material.

Because none of the customers are exactly the same, we partner with our clients and take the time to understand their business and services needs. We make focused, efficient use of resources, which enables us to consistently provide better and faster service at an overall lower cost than our competitors in the market.

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