Support Policy

AHS Support team is fully committed to prompt and valuable assistance for any issue. Issues will be resolved in a reasonable time frame or escalated to a Project / Product Manager.

1. General Support for Clients and Partners

The Client should contact AHS Support for the following services:

  • Editing, revising, or updating page and product content including text, images, and SEO-related content
  • Editing, revising, or updating templates on existing website pages
  • New web page and email templates based on existing design
  • Modifications and minor enhancements to existing functions, forms, and features on the existing website
  • Consultation, guidance, and training on the use of the website and content management system
  • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools basic configuration and support
  • Support of third party tools and applications used on the website and integrated by AHS (i.e., WordPress, Drupal, Constant Contact, Flickr, jQuery, etc.)
  • Support of third party tools and applications not integrated during the website development by AHS (i.e., WordPress Version Upgrades, WordPress Plug-Ins, Drupal Version Upgrades, Drupal Modules)
  • Updates required to website due to incompatibilities with new browsers and new browser versions

We DO NOT provide support on our free templates, you can only ask for help on forum and when time is available we are free to help;
Not all of the support requests/issues/tasks are FREE, most of them are based on Support Contracts or Support Periods at the end of a delivered project.

2. Where Can You Get Support

Support for our clients is provided only through our support forum that can be found here

We do not provide after purchase support in any other places like:

  • Themeforest item comments page ( we provide only pre-sale support )
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email

If you have problems creating an account on our support forum , please contact us using the live chat or email your account manager.

3. How Can I Create an account on the support system

  • Go to
  • Open a new ticket and you will receive the account confirmation via email as well as the updated statuses
  • Note: all form submissions and voicemails are delivered to our entire support team.

4. Support Hours

Most of our support staff is based on EST (GMT -5). We try to provide support “around the sun”, however, our support schedule is as follows:

  • Monday – Friday : 10:00 – 19:00 EST ( GMT-5 )
  • 5. Methods of Support

    As standard, we provide the following methods of support which we expect you to familiarise yourself with:

    24/7 Online Helpdesk (
    Our 24×7 Online Support Helpdesk is our primary means of providing support to you anytime day or night. Submitting a ticket ensures your support issue receives immediate attention and quick resolution by our dedicated Support Team, while giving us the ability to accurately track and audit your ticket if necessary. Please do not submit multiple tickets regarding the same support issue (this does nothing but create confusion and slow down resolution). Existing tickets (including all “closed” tickets) can be easily updated (and/or re-opened) via the helpdesk system or by replying to the ticket email.

    Live Chat
    Live Chat provides the ability for you to “talk” directly (via messenger style text) to a member of our team. This should only be used for quick or simple queries, and often you will be referred to the helpdesk to submit a ticket regarding your issue (especially if it cannot be resolved in a very short space of time).

    As standard, we do NOT provide telephone or email support nor provide Skype / GTalk or other massagers tools to interact with our team.

    Issues related to Billing and Sales are the ONLY exception to this unless you have upgraded your standard support (see our Professional Support Upgrade). Customers phoning AHS for any issues relating to Support will be kindly asked to submit a ticket at the online helpdesk.

    Soon we will introduce:

    A. Support Knowledge Base
    More than just an FAQ, the AHS Support Knowledge Base aims to help you answer any questions quickly and easily by yourself by providing a comprehensive resource of articles and advice relating to all aspects of our service.

    B. Online Tutorials and Guides
    Our collection of user-guides and online tutorial “videos” help provide a better understanding of our domain and hosting packages, as well as some other popular software products and services.


    6. Support Hours and Response Times

    Support (via the Helpdesk) is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. While the majority of tickets are responded to within 1 hour (normally sooner) we do ask that you correctly prioritise your ticket by choosing an appropriate priority number corresponding with the urgency of your request. For example, do NOT submit an urgent “Priority 1” ticket for a “how do I..” question. Priority 1 tickets should ONLY be used for situations of a critical nature such as a “server down” ticket. We aim to fully resolve all tickets within a 4 hour period, with a greater priority given to certain tickets based on their immediacy.

    Live Chat is generally only available during office hours, and due to the nature of support requests via Live Chat (i.e.: very simply questions etc) we would hope to resolve any issues immediately.

    7. Services Not Covered by Standard Support

    While we will always try and provide support on most subjects where we have the expertise, our official support is only provided in relation to the products and services supplied to you as partner or client. It does not extend to services including (but not limited to) custom web design and programming, or configuring, fixing or installing scripts or third party software. We are of course happy to provide quotes for any type of web design, development and consultancy work, should you need more assistance with something not covered by our standard support policy.

    8. Professional Support Upgrade

    Customer looking to extend the level of support provided by AHS should consider upgrading to our Professional Support package. This enhanced package (recommended for businesses without a dedicated in-house technical resource) includes all the above features of our standard support, in addition to:

    A. Telephone Support
    Professional Support customers benefit from telephone support (during normal working office hours) on our normal (non-premium) telephone line. For some support issues, we may still ask you to submit a support ticket (or we will submit it on your behalf) to help better track the issue, but we welcome your call on any support issue.

    B. Remote Assistance or training
    Our remote assistance service is like having us in the room with you, providing One-2-One support with matters relating to your own Computer’s setup. Remotely connecting to your computer, we control your system, helping resolve any issue, and showing you exactly “how” to do it. Examples of typical remote assistance include setting up your Outlook to use a newly created email account, tweaking Internet explorer to delete your cache, or giving you a quick guided tour around your chosen FTP software. Remote Assistance must be scheduled in advance (at times only minimal notice will be required) to ensure support staff are available. Currently the software we use for Remote Assistance in only available to customers on a Windows based computer such as XP or Vista (Mac and Linux versions available soon).

    Our Professional Support Package allows for greater flexibility as to “what” we can support, and while we may not be able to undertake any specific web development work etc (please see our Virtual Webmaster Services if you require similar help), we will always try and help you with ANY support issue if we have the expertise to do so.

    All customers who have purchased a current subscription receive:

    • All upgrades and service releases for the 12 month term of their annual subscription
    • PHP , CSS & HTML source code to the frameworks, controls and deliverables
    • Forums support, plus the assurance that our dedicated developer support engineers are standing by
    • 9. Request Types – Definitions & Examples

      Requests typically fall into one of these four categories:

      • Emergency – Any serious problem with the website
        • The website is down
        • E-commerce errors
      • Technical Issue – Any problems with the website not performing as it was originally developed
        • A form is broken
        • Page contents do not display as designed
      • Support Request – Any requests for assistance in explaining or using the website or tools provided by Orbit
        • “How to” questions
        • Content management system assistance (Mighty-Site®, Drupal, and WordPress)
        • Content changes to the website not possible with the content management system
      • Maintenance Issue – Any issue or request that involves minor modifications to the website
        • WordPress and Drupal upgrades or module installation (See Assumptions)
        • Website maintenance needed due to issues from new browsers, third party APIs (See Assumptions)
        • Edits, revisions, and modifications listed in the “Support Services Include” section

      10. Cost and Terms

      AHS charges $100 per hour in 30 minute increments for all support and maintenance services. AHS doesn’t intend to invoice for every minute and will use its own discretion to charge for issues. There are no charges incurred to:

      • Respond to and resolve hosting issues for AHS hosted websites
      • Fix something that is broken due to “errors and omissions on the part of AHS” (See Assumptions)
      • For larger requests, AHS will propose a cost estimate for approval as described in the “Additional Services” section of this document.

        11. Additional Services

        AHS provides ongoing enhancement services that are NOT handled by our support team because of the size and nature of the work. This work is considered to be “Additional Services.” An AHS Sales Consultant/Account Manager will advise the client on any requested “Additional Services” work and provide a proposed approach, costs, and timeline. Example services include:

        • Website redesign
        • New functions, features, design and development
        • Web marketing consulting
        • Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools consulting

        AHS and the client may agree to a custom Support and Maintenance Agreement to allow for adjustments to the level of service that supersedes this document.

        12. Assumptions

        A. Errors and Omissions
        AHS does not provide a specific warranty period for websites because we feel that we are accountable for fixing any errors and omissions and broken things regardless of the timeframe. However, it’s important that AHS clients understand that we don’t cause all issues and, therefore, can’t fix all issues for free. Websites inherently need maintenance because they are viewed through browsers and use many third party tools. The browsers and third party tools are regularly updated, and versions may no longer be supported. This sometimes results in causing a website feature to “break” or simply to not perform as expected. We are ready, willing, and able to help fix all issues, but we charge for the ones we don’t cause.
        AHS assumes to be the sole provider of maintenance services for the website. If a party other than AHS makes changes to the website, which results in AHS providing necessary updates or fixes to the website, it will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of AHS.”

        B. Website Hosting
        AHS is accountable for the performance of the websites developed by AHS and hosted by AHS’s hosting partners (“AHS Servers”). AHS will provide Support services to clients whose websites are not hosted on AHS servers; however, the services will be limited to the website code developed by AHS. Hosting and server support for AHS developed websites hosted by other providers is the responsibility of the client and/or hosting provider. Website performance can be affected by changes to a server environment, which can require maintenance or updates to the website. Should this type of website update be necessary, it will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of AHS.”

        C. Third Party Content Management Systems
        Website performance may be affected by changes to the third party content management systems (CMS) (i.e. Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, Drupal and WordPress), which would result in maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software products including upgrades, themes, plugins, modules, or Prestashop, Magento, Joomla, WordPress and Drupal modifications/customizations will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of AHS.”

        D. Integrated Third Party APIs
        Website performance may be affected by changes to the third party APIs (i.e. Twitter, Flickr, Constant Contact), which would result in maintenance to the website. Issues caused by or in combination with new or updated third-party software will not be considered “errors and omissions on the part of AHS.”

        13. Explanation of Our Professional Support Packages or Levels:

        Priority Support applies to:

        • Customers who have purchased a current subscription with Priority Support.
        • Customers who are part of our Enterprise Licensing Program
        • Guaranteed Rapid Response within one (1) business day
        • Priority phone support during standard business hours
        • Priority response time on Forum Posts (your posts are moved to the top of our internal queue)
        • Online chat support

        Trial or Demo Support applies to all users of our products who have not yet purchased a subscription, but are evaluating our products during their initial trial period. Trial Support evaluators receive the same level of support as a Standard Support customer.

        Inactive Support Contracts are subscriptions that have expired. Developer Support services are no longer offered to inactive support contracts.

        Inactive Products are product versions which no longer actively supported. Developer Support services are not provided for retired products. Please consult our Product Lifecycle for information on active, inactive and retired products.

        14. What is Support, and What is Consulting?

        Our Developer Support team is motivated to help you succeed, and we really want to help you. We’ll provide help for questions regarding installation problems, product functionality, programming issues, product usage issues, and will explain any related error messages you receive. We have access to the developers who have written the code, and will work with you to figure out what the issue is, and deliver a solution.

        At the same time, cases involving design or planning for your application’s deployment, software development, code review, custom samples, implementation planning, and user experience and visual design are exactly what our Sales Team can help you with. The Sales Team can also offer support and troubleshooting. If you need such custom-tailored extended services, please check out how our Sales Team can help you.

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