Who we are?

    Angel Health Software Corp. (AngelHS) is a full-service web development agency serving corporate clients in a variety of industries. We create great-looking, effective web sites which help our clients to build brands, engage customers, inform audiences, reduce operating costs, generate leads and develop revenue streams.
We take the time to understand our clients goals, and then develop interactive solutions to meet or even exceed their expectations. In other words, the sites we build are not only visually beautiful, but are also built to achieve specific business objectives.

Project management from concept to completion

   Our core competency is in managing the web development process from beginning to the end. With two decades of collective experience in web development and hundreds of site launches under our belts, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to consistently turn out great results. We’ve developed a suite of internal project management tools which help us to keep projects on track.

Outstanding graphic design

   Our team is skilled in graphic design, HTML page layout, Flash animation, and digital audio/video production. The visual designs we create are sometimes colorful, bold, and powerful; other times elegant and refined; but always appropriate for a clients brand and target audience.

Interactive web applications

   We are able to develop dynamic, interactive web sites with sophisticated content management (CMS) capabilities, database integration, electronic commerce, user accounts, message boards, response forms, automatic image resizing, events calendars, online catalogs and more. Of these features, Content Management deserves a special mention. This is a feature which allows clients to update their own web sites on-demand, through the use of an embedded WYSIWYG editor. Most of our clients sites have some sort of CMS capability. 

Web hosting

   We know everything about web hosting and we have strategic relationships with several leading providers of shared and dedicated hosting.We are able to manage of web hosting so our clients can focus on their businesses.

What we can do for you?


   We do all in one – one stop shop. You need a simple website, a logo or a banner design –we can do it for you!
You wish to have a more complicated community website, forum, CMS, ERP , CRM-we are the perfect team to do it !
All you need is a web shop? We can deliver it instantly.


We keep all development process very simple and we guarantee the result at any time.

Marius Ion ANGEL HOT SOFT LLC (800) 316-7677