Reseller of AHS Services

AHS Reseller program is designed to maximize your earning potential and allows you to partner with an leader in web services such as website design, development, hosting, online marketing, ecommerce and more.

Why become AHS Reseller?

  • Reliability – We deliver on our promise to your clients
  • Experience – We have been in software industry for more than 15 years and have a large portfolio of successful projects
  • Profits – Our low wholesale partner pricing allows you to make great profits on every website you send to us
  • Support – We provide support to both you and to your clients
  • Easy to Sell Products and Services


When you want to grow your business, the hard part is to acquire new client, but we have a solution and you can significantly grow your business and profits without having to find new clients and without having to do anymore work yourself.

Situation for Resellers:

  • You already have past and present clients
  • You already have relationships with these clients
  • You have already built trust by offering great services to them


With our Reseller Program you can provide even more value and services, and help them create a professional online business presence through our reseller program.

What we offer our resellers?

  • Wholesale prices on our development services
  • Free and paid programs to help you build and grow your business
  • 100% support
  • Free and reduced cost services for your own business
  • Free sales and marketing training


Our packages includes fully featured websites specially designed to meet any of your clients needs in order to take their business online and start generating sales and gaining new clients. We also have a full list of additional features for each website including email marketing systems, membership systems, ecommerce features, product catalogue features and more.

Our company has over 15 years experience with web development and web design services and we can create complete custom websites with any functionality your clients or their business need, no matter how big or small may be.

Each website can be also built to be mobile responsive meaning it looks great in any size screen, which is a huge factor as the use of tablets or smartphones.

When you become an AHS Reseller partner you’ll be given your own admin account with username and password so you can easily order new projects, get quotes, download marketing materials and keep track of all your clients projects.

We offer Training and Support for our partners so you can know our products and services and sell them easily. During our relationship, every time you have a question you can contact us.


1. What is the Reseller role?
As a AHS reseller you’ll have your own clients and sell our products to them. You will work with us regarding your clients needs and to design the best solution and offer for their business. We will provide you ongoing training and support.

2. What is the wholesale pricing I get?
Once you sign a contract with us we will give you detailed information on wholesale pricing. Typically it is between about 20-30% of the recommended retail price of each product so you can make a good profit.

3. How can I become a reseller?
You need to have a current client base that you can sell our products and services to. You don not need to have technical background to be a reseller for our services, our teams will take care of this part.

4. How is the ideal partner for our Reseller program?
We are looking for web development companies lacking resources or who don’t have the services asked by their clients, marketing and media companies, web hosting companies looking to add design and development services to their portfolio, bloggers, freelancers and motivated individuals with strong sales and marketing network.

5. If you have any more questions about our Reseller Program please feel free to contact us Here and you will discover how easy it is to add a profitable service to your current business and become a more valuable service provider for your clients.

Marius Ion ANGEL HOT SOFT LLC (800) 316-7677