Plugin and Core Updates & Upgrades


WordPress is powerful and demanding, but Plugins can pump-up the core functionality of your entire WordPress site. Our team love WordPress and they keep on experimenting their skills and talent to bring newness and innovation for your WordPress site through useful Plugins. With our WordPress Plugin development services, we boost your website’s efficiency by adding the seamless power of WordPress Plugins.


Our WordPress team works closely with each client in order to plan, develop, design, and release your custom plugin exactly as you are envisioning the functionality and design. Most WordPress plugins can be developed in as quickly as two weeks, depends on complexity. Whether you are familiar with the power of WordPress, or are new to the WordPress framework, we strive to make the plugin development process very easy for you.


Advantages using WP Plugins:


  • Perk up the performance of your web portal/ application

  • Easy customization, modification and enhancement for future perspectives

  • Highly scalable and stable for your WordPress website

  • Changes can be made to the web pages without the knowledge of hard-core coding.


While we will do our best to provide solutions to problems that arise, it is beyond the scope of AHS to provide coding repairs to WordPress itself. Our team work diligently to provide any core bug fixes in their upgrades which they monitor and install as required.


Why choose AHS team?


  • We develop highly interactive, intuitive and responsive Plugins delivering amazing user experience

  • Our custom WordPress Plugin development can perfectly satisfy the latest needs of your website visitors and end-users to allure maximum traffic

  • We can build custom WordPress Plugins for internal site use as well as external distribution perspectives, based on the client’s requirements.


Complete WordPress Update and Upgrades is kind of like a pack mule for your WordPress site. We will carry the entire load of keeping all your plugins up to date and your WordPress installation current. Once a month, our WordPress team log into your Admin panel and update your WordPress installation and your plugins.


If you choose our team for your update and upgrade WP Plugins  you will see how your WordPress site will always be functioning smoothly, with the latest, well-working, most updated software available.

We can do it all from concept to completion!
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