Wordpress Migration to our server

If your WordPress website is down or is a slow or inferior web host, affecting your website, you can choose us for your WordPress migration. We can move it to our servers with no problem. We are specialized in WordPress website migrations and we won’t lose any of your valuable data or settings moving your website to our servers. Let us have your WordPress site up and running on your new and better host in no time .

Our team will move your entire WordPress installation, files and database and install it on our servers, then you can simply change the domain’s DNS settings to point at your new hosting and switch your website over with hardly any downtime at all. Our WordPress site migration methods retain all of the serialized data and won’t wreck your theme and widget settings.

When we start the migration, we move a copy of your WordPress site and put it on a temporary domain for you to check out. During the process, your live site will never go down.

At AHS we are more than happy to migrate your WordPress site so you can compare it with your current host. If you're happy with the performance, we can help you choose a plan. Check out our hosting plans for everything included with your plan.

Our team will do the best to make sure that your website is running as fast and secure as possible. This means we help also with plugin recommendations. If you have a question about your current website's setup and how it will function on our servers, contact us today to speak with our specialists.

We can migrate websites from one host to another and we love doing it! If you send over dozens or hundreds of  websites to be moved, we're on it!

All the migrations are handled by our internal team of specialists. This means your website is being moved by a WordPress expert with years of experience developing WordPress sites. We do not work with third-party migration services so you can trust that your migration process it's in good hands. If you have questions during the migration process, you can contact our support team at anytime.

Let us help you with your WordPress Migration.


We can do it all from concept to completion!
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