Wordpress Migration to any server


Moving a WordPress website to a new server can be a little challenging and intimidating, so we decided to help you step by step. Our team can move all you data and contents from one server to  any server and will make sure all sites and applications are up and running.


Our WordPress Migration Services includes the following:


  • 100% backup of your entire WordPress database before migrating it to the new hosting server

  • Creating a  new database on the new hosting server to import database into

  • Restoring performing WordPress backup into new hosting server

  • Performing a WordPress security scan to check for malware on your current site using Sucuri Security

  • Configuring  and restored the newly install WordPress to work with the database

  • Verifying change of all  hyperlinks to make sure there are no 404 pages

  • Ensuring that the migration of WordPress website is functioning properly


At AHS, we are highly experienced working with database driven websites, including open source solutions, and understand the proper steps necessary to successfully transfer any website setup to any hosting provider.


We can handle all steps involved including:


  • Website files transfer

  • Database export/import

  • DNS Domain updates

  • SSL Certificate (https) transfer


If you are not sure what host to choose, we’ll work with you to help find a new website hosting provider that fits your needs and criteria for reliable web hosting. Let the experts help transfer your existing website to a new hosting account and avoid the headaches and problems that can arise from downtime and improper configurations.


We can do it all from concept to completion!
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