WordPress Maintenance

  • Website Monitoring
  • 1 Intervention Request / Month
  • 4 Intervention Request / Month
  • 3 Days Maximum Turnaround
  • 24 Hours Maximum Turnaround
  • Free Traffic Reports & Site Backups
  • Fee Website Hosting
  • Basic Monitoring
  • $150 / mo
  • L1
  • Active PRO
  • $300 / mo
  • L1, L2
  • Alert VIP
  • $500 / mo
  • L1, L2, L3


Our Services at a glance


If you running an online business, it can be hard for you to keep up with your website software and security updates, plus maintain backups for the site for  recovery. It is very important to make sure your website stays updated and running current versions of software and plugins. Our WordPress team is specialize in maintaining WordPress websites. Choosing us you can  focus on the important stuff knowing that your website is being properly maintained, updated, backed up, and monitored by a professional team.


AHS WordPress Maintenance Services:


  • Protect Against Hacking and Malware

  • Database optimization

  • Consistent and Scheduled Maintenance

  • Update WordPress Theme

  • Update plugins as new versions are released

  • WP Core File Updates with New Version Releases or recommended for security purposes.

  • Live Maintenance Monitoring by Project Management

  • Site Optimization for speed and security

  • Review your site to ensure that you are posting and tagging correctly


Maintenance Features:


  • WP Theme Setup

In WordPress platform our team provide the best support in theme setting, designing and developing smoothly with every version.


  • WordPress Upgrade

Our team can safely upgrade your WordPress core, update plugins and themes to support your compatibility to ensure your website to stay online.


  • Uptime Monitoring

Our SEO services include daily WordPress backups, website restoration, website migration, database optimization services.


  • WP Emergency Fixes

AHS WordPress team maintains regular website maintenance to secure your updates with emergency fixes to prevent potential exploits of your website or blog.


  • Security Scanning

Our Maintenance services include WordPress security audit for your site to prevent malicious activity with customize offsite backup optimization with right security scanning.


  • Fixing Installation Issues


WordPress maintenance services may include new functionalities such as new releases, fixing bugs issue and security loopholes.


Why do you need WordPress Website Maintenance?


WordPress is a complex piece of software and needs regular maintenance in order to stay secure and to perform at its best. The WordPress code is regularly being updated for security and functionality purposes. Having a maintenance plan gives you peace of mind knowing your website is in good hands and well taken care of, monitored, updated and backed up.


As all AngelHS Services, simply select the level of service you need


Level 1: Website Monitoring

Standard website uptime monitoring.

Level 2: Service Monitoring

Monitoring of other required components that support your website or applications.

Level 3: Process Simulation Performance Monitoring

Transaction monitoring of code and database execution response times.

    Server, website performance monitor.

    Monitors from multiple locations simultaneously to provide end-to-end perspective of web page performance and availability.

    Application, service monitoring.

    Measures compliance with Service Level Agreements, reporting real-time correlation of errors and additional application and network statistics, as well as database and email monitoring.

    Code performance monitoring.

Benchmark server page response times and execution of code to identify trouble areas before script or database failure.

Our Event-log Monitoring Suite also provides the following: 

  •          Accessibility and Availability Check
  •          Performance and Content Check
  •          Server and Client Digital Certificates


Our Website Monitoring provides you with the following benefits: 

  •          ON THE INTERNET, UPTIME IS EVERYTHING: We detect outages quicker and more effectively than any other monitoring service, software or tool.
  •          24 x 7 x 365 Non-Stop Monitoring: Unless you are a robot, it is infeasible for you to keep checking your website or server to see if it is available. Leave this tedious job to our automated service, and enjoy peace of mind.
  •          False Alarm Elimination: We employ advanced verification technology to eliminate false alarms. No more waking up at nights just to find out your website or server is running fine.
  •          Response Time: we will notify you when the response time for your Website crosses 30 seconds.
  •          Reporting: Using the gathered data, we generate monthly trend analysis and analytical reports to ensure that you have an indication of your website performance


Design Services

Template Design & Implementation
Representing your business, your colors and style.
Theme Development & Customization (incl PSD to WP)
Getting the edge on competition with unique style.
Classic Theme to Responsive Design
You have something that you like – now you want to move.
Design & Implement Mobile Theme
Get on mobile devices, optimized view and style.
– any HTML to WordPress– any CMS to WordPress
Get your old website on the performing WordPress platform.

Special Services

SEO Services
Get in front of all the people searching on line for you.
Plugin & Core Updates & Upgrades
Your plugins are old and need updates, upgrades or fixes.
A site is a changing game, play it with the right team behind.
Ensuring that the data you gathered is not compromised.
WordPress Migration:
Finding a better hosting solution but not knowing how to move.
to our server
to any server

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