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Beside our Magento Development & Design service our company also, provides ongoing Magento support & Maintenance services for interested clients. These services are designed to help take your site from good to phenomenal, with a focus on increasing performance and completing ongoing site maintenance to keep your site in best condition. AHS Magento development team is available for hourly support and is one of the best eCommerce support providers.

Our Support Services may includes:

  • Magento training for your team to put the control of your site back in your hands
  • Ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting for technical issues
  • Performance enhancements
  • Feature upgrades and installations
  • Speed optimization
  • Magento search engine optimization
  • General Magento support and troubleshooting

Magento Maintenance Services

Our Maintenance service can be customized to your company’s needs. Our Maintenance services can be as simple as changing some image on an email template to service upgrades to the core source. Magento releases upgrades on a regular basis and it is important that your web store is kept up-to-date with all the upgrades.

We can offer direct contact with one of our Magento developers so that core changes can be done directly simply and error free.

Our Magento Maintenance services includes:

  • Magento upgrades and updates
  • Template changes
  • Email changes
  • Module installations
  • Server changes
  • CMS pages
  • Product additions
  • Upgrades to Magento connect modules
  • Payment gateways
  • Google Analytics/Base/Checkout
  • XHTML/CSS changes

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