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Either you already have a Magento ecommerce website, or you are building one and now you are looking for Magento SEO experts we are the perfect partner. With Magento as your ecommerce platform you have access to a very powerful infrastructure and useful resources that ensure that your website is fast, efficient and user-friendly. From an SEO perspective, Magento is highly Search Engine-friendly but there are some key that need to be refined to ensure that you gain maximum Search Engine visibility.


SEO Services:






Keyword research is one of the most valuable activities in SEO yielding one of the highest return on investments. Through the detective work of sifting through a market’s popular keyword demand, we not only learn which phrases you should target but also gain an insight into your customers and competitors as a whole.






SEO starts on the website itself. With our in-depth knowledge of Magento we have a clear understanding how to build on top of the already very SEO friendly platform to fully implement best practice on-site SEO. Our on-site Magento SEO services cover both the technical aspects of building the site as well as consulting on and creating content for the site as well as developing and implementing on-page optimisation recommendations.






A strong and authoritative domain is vital to achieving high rankings for valuable terms. Inbound links to your site is the key to developing this strength and authority. Link building forms a key part of our monthly SEO work, strengthening the website and complementing the on-page optimisation.


Not all links are born equal, quality over quantity is key. This is where we focus our energy, building links that will strengthen your site and benefit your SEO campaign.


Our key principles:


  • We develop a distinct tailored SEO strategy for each project we’re involved in.
  • We employ and implement only ethical methods of Internet promotion.
  • We utilize our Magento development expertise to improve SEO services coherency.
  • We not only obtain SEO rankings but also sustain them over time.
  • We provide our clients with measurable statistics and results.


SEO is fundamental to online marketing success. It’s the most cost-effective way to build a constant stream of low-cost, qualified traffic to your website having as result the growth of your business.

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