Magento Plugin & Core : Update & Upgrades

Upgrading your Magento website ensures you have the latest, most stable code for your website. That means more streamlined processes, stronger security, new or upgraded features, plus a better, faster, website over all.

Usually upgrades over a few versions are tricky and open for issues due to themes, plugins, specific settings. Upgrading should only be done manually and for which you should always go an extra mile and hire a Magento professional to handle it for you and here is where we can help you.

Most of the time such an upgrade is as a fresh new build due to these unknown situations.

Magento upgrade (usually takes 5 business days and consists of 3 steps):

  • We download your Magento database and sources to our development server
  • We upgrade your Magento and fix any compatibility issues including layout and third party extensions. During this step you can see the results of your Magento upgrade on our development server
  • We perform LIVE upgrade of your Magento store. This procedure can be scheduled to anytime, even night, to make sure you don’t lose any sales

Service Includes:

  • One time Magento upgrade with database and code migration (Magento Core Upgrade / Template Upgrade / Magento 3rd party extensions upgrade / Magento Debugging, database restore, and repairing services / Magento database upgrade – including orders, customers, and products )
  • Quality assurance of the provided upgrade

Service Requirements:

  • FTP or SSH temporary access
  • Magento Admin panel temporary access
  • Database temporary access

Hosting Requirements For 1.8.x:

(We can and have to check with your hosting provider upfront to make sure that these requirements are met.)

  • PHP version 5.2.13 or greater
  • Required extensions:PDO_MySQL, GD Libraries, DOM, mcrypt, simplexml, iconv, hash, SOAP
  • PHP Safe_mode must be set to off
  • Memory limit should be 32M or more
  • MySQL version 4.1.20 or greater
  • InnoDB storage engine

Why choose AHS:

  • Professional service for affordable rates
  • Zero downtime of your live site
  • Friendly and 24X7 customer support
  • Support by email,chat and telephone
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • Transparent work – Nothing is hidden
  • Ontime Delivery

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