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The continuously growing of e-commerce business, creates the steady need of keeping the technology up-to-date to maintain or even enhance the business position and to give your customers an impressive visit experience. Being the most powerful ecommerce platform having high flexibility and scalability, Magento is the ideal solution for all businesses eager to gain online revenue.

Migration is a process of transferring legacy design, data, feature into a new system and verifying the result. The richness and flexibility of the Magento platform usually create various migration schemes. From website analysis to post migration activities, our expert will guide you through this time-consuming process whose complexity is typically under-estimated. Elements migrated are: Design, Products, Categories, Orders, Customers, Payment gateways, Shipping carriers, Backend admin, Custom features development, Store Configurations.

Benefits working with us:

  • Ensure full integrity and utilization of the design, feature, data and process in Magento platform
  • Safely migrate from old platform to Magento
  • Guarantee 100% Magento compliant and no data loss
  • Reduce time to market
  • Deploy the test-driven methodology
  • Minimize operational impacts and risks
  • Improve the website quality and stability
  • Our team has wide domain experience in offering e-commerce store and data migration services to our global clients.
  • We quickly transfer data including shopping cart information and at the same time maintaining the integrity of your valuable data.
  • Our Magento migration services are designed to fit all budgets
  • We have extensive experience in working with the LAMP/WAMP platform including Magento core codes and libraries.

As a Magento development company, we have the expertise to migrate stores and shopping carts from different platforms such as Zen Cart, Oscommerce and others to Magento. We also help conserve old data and platform.


What we do:

1. Zen Cart to Magento Migration

Our team of professional data migration experts can help you with quick store migration. working carefully in order to migrate existing store information to Magento platform so that you can get maximum advantages from Magento. Magento is the best ecommerce solution for the growing needs of your online business and with our help you can easily achieve our objective in short time.

2. Oscommerce to Magento Migration

Our team can help you with Oscommerce to Magento Migration, too because we know about the architecture of both Magento as well as Oscommerce.Our team will migrate product information including customer data to Magento storefront from oscommerce online shop. Before launching your new Magento store, we make sure that it is tested and functions in the best manner to help your online business.

3. Cube Cart to Magento Migration

We migrate existing store from cube cart to Magento. Magento is a great platform that also allows to build multiple stores and websites. Our team offer the best services including server migration, shopping cart migration and website migration.

4. CS-Cart to Magento Migration

CS-Cart is a well-known e-commerce solution known for its ‘out-of-the-box’ functionalities. Our team specializes in offering complete CS-Cart to Magento Migration including server and database migration. While migrating your store, we will ensure that none of the valuable data is lost.

5. Prestashop to Magento Migration

Prestashop is the best solution for small and medium businesses. In case you want to start a large sized online store, Magento is the solution you should go for. Our team migrate products, customer accounts, order information and much more from Prestashop to Magento e-commerce shop.

6. X Cart to Magento Migration

One of the possible reasons for migrating from X cart to Magento is that X –cart does not fulfil the object oriented programming, Magento on the other hand is a dynamic platform based on OOP and powered by Zend framework along with PHP and MySQL. We transfer existing data from X Cart to Magento without any complexities.

7. Magento to Magento

The Magento to Magento migration involve migrating store to new versions. With these solutions, you can easily benefit from improved features and functionalities. New Magento versions allow you to run affiliate programs, include gift certificates, registries, and much more in your Magento online store.


Services related to Migration:

  • We migrate data including categories, sub-categories, product variants, attributes and description too.
  • Also, we set up mailchimp so that you can easily send mass emails for online marketing of your store.
  • Our team install and configure a custom Magento module for this purpose.
  • Complete migration of customer information including name, address, billing/shipping address, contact numbers, email.
  • Store data information such as user accounts, configuration and others.
  • Migration of currencies, taxes, shipping, manufacturers.
  • Product quantities shipping including the total amount.


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