Data migration

If you want to move your Magento ecommerce to another server we can help you do this difficult but sometimes necessary task. The most important reason for migration is the expansion of your online business because the larger your Magento store gets, the more powerful server it will require. You need to move to another server when persistent overloads and bandwidth issues that greatly slow your current server.

We migrate your Magento website in two important steps:

  1. Testing (there will be no downtime of the website during this part of migration)
    1. Website configuration is created on the new server;
    2. Magento source code and databases are copied to it;
    3. You test the website functionality on the new server
    4. If everything is in place and in line we may proceed to step two ( Migration).
  2. Migration (some downtime will occur during data synchronization and DNS propagation)
    1. Magento website on the old server is switched to maintenance mode;
    2. Changes to source code and databases are synchronized;
    3. DNS is switched;
    4. If you ordered downtime minimization queries are redirected from the old Magento server to the new one
    5. If migration in times of minimum server load was ordered. Our staff will schedule downtime for a specified day and time period.

Choosing AHS team for your Magento migration, you will receive various benefits, including:

  • User-friendly store interface for customers
  • User-friendly back-end admin panel for all functions
  • Seamless order tracking on the front and back end
  • Real-time control over your inventory
  • Search engine optimization
  • Shopping carts that are user-friendly and efficient

Our team of developers have an optimized set of Magento migration procedure which would be followed across all projects. Choosing us the entire migration process it would be done professionally. After each migration, our team would perform tests and an acceptance test from client to mark migration successful. Don’t think twice, contact us today.

We can do it all from concept to completion!
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