Classic Template to Responsive Design


Responsive Joomla design is a strategy in which the content and the website layout adapt to the screen size on which it is displayed. The sole purpose of such a design approach is to provide a single HTML5 document to all the commonly used devices for viewing the Joomla site. The devices are of four different kinds, Desktop or laptop monitor, Widescreen desktop monitor, Computer Tablets, Mobile Phones.


The need of Joomla Responsive Design


With the gradual rise in the number of mobile devices, the number of Internet users accessing through those devices has also increased rapidly. Responsive design is a prerequisite for most Joomla users, whether it’s a Joomla run blog or a business website. It will certainly generate greater traffic towards the websites.

But, hints of caution for those who still have the misconception that, just by changing their existing template to a responsive Joomla template, would make the website completely responsive. It is because every extension needs to be responsive too. At AHS, we aim at delivering the best responsive Joomla web design, compatible with all devices.


Part of our Joomla responsive design features are:


  • Fluid based tableless structure

  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, tablets as well

  • Light weight, fast loading and search engine optimised templates

  • Responsive designs are compatible with all Joomla versions


Joomla Responsive Design Services:


  • Joomla Application and Website Development

  • Joomla Template and Theme Design

  • Joomla Extension Development

  • PSD to Joomla

  • Joomla Upgradation

  • Joomla Maintenance and Support


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