SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE ( including Security Audit)

At AHS, we maintain and update many websites for our clients who understand the value of keeping their CMS up-to-date and importance of keeping the contents fresh and updated. By using our services they are always assured of the high-level services and are at peace of mind that their websites are in safe hands, and will keep running without any issues.

Website maintenance includes updating the content of existing web pages to keep your corporate website up to date. The periodic addition of new web pages is also part of maintenance services. Website maintenance also includes repairing sections of your website that stop functioning properly.

Support and Maintenance features :

  • Joomla installation issues
  • Joomla extension bugs
  • Joomla extension installation issues
  • Joomla SEO performance degrading
  • Joomla JavaScript issues
  • Joomla website transfer issues
  • Joomla website template issues
  • Joomla module problems
  • Joomla component problems
  • Joomla plugin problems
  • Joomla frontend issues
  • Joomla backend issues
  • Joomla admin login reset
  • Fixing of a hacked Joomla website
  • Joomla database problems

Our Joomla CMS Support & Maintenance Services Package:

  • Joomla CMS Maintenance
  • CMS websites are quite dynamic and complex in nature. These need to be well-maintained so that your visitors keep coming back. With our Joomla Website Maintenance solutions you can run your online presence in the most effective manner. We also, offer maintenance solutions for Joomla mobile websites.
  • Joomla Upgradation
  • Upgradation is important as it allows you to improve the features, security and functionality of your Joomla cms website. Joomla gets updated on a periodic basis. At AHS, our team is completely aware about the latest Joomla versions and helps you upgrade existing site in quicktime using the best practices & technology. Before we actually upgrade your website, we take a complete backup of the database and other important files and documents so that none of your valuable data/information is lost.
  • Joomla Theme/Template Enhancements
  • The performance of your site to a large extent depends on themes & templates as well. Our team offers quick XHTML/CSS enhancements for Joomla templates so that your site performs in an optimum manner. Besides this, we also check whether the templates have well-commented code structures and seo-optimized XHTML/HTML/CSS markups.
  • Joomla Website Security Audit
  • The internet is a highly vulnerable place. With advanced technologies coming up, hacking attempts and viruses have become all the more common. Our Joomla team carefully reviews each aspect of your site and helps enhance its security. Moreover, we install latest security modules that help block hacking attempts and also protect your site from SQL injections. We send a detailed security report stating possible areas that require immediate attention. Once you approve our recommendations, we quickly work on the security part of your site.
  • Joomla Optimization
  • The performance of your Joomla website is crucial to your success on the world wide web. Our Joomla team quickly analyzes the performance including speed of your website and helps enhance it considerably. We even install specific modules that help boost the page loading time and performance of your site. Our Joomla Performance Optimization solutions will help you reach the top in the online world. Besides offering these solutions, we also offer 100% reliable Joomla SEO solutions that improve the position of your site on search engines. Benefits using our services:
    • Get continuous support for your website from experienced Joomla professionals
    • Save time and money on staff
    • Reduce the error rate of your system
    • Get a longer lifespan for your Joomla website
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