Joomla Security


Security is a continually growing concern for website owners, especially websites that use Content Management Systems such as Joomla. CMS give you the power to manage a website with ease, giving you access to a wide number of files that you put within your website. Hackers are able to download copies of these CMSs and look for any vulnerability that will give them access to your web space.


Contact us today if:


  • you are concerned about your Joomla site security and disaster recovery

  • you handle confidential customer data on your website

  • your Joomla template, extension or hosting is  hacked

  • you need help with Joomla site security from a trusted company.


AHS Maintenance Services include:


  • Monthly Joomla security scan

  • Monthly report on your Joomla security health status

  • Regular monthly backups of your entire Joomla website

  • Password protected backups for increased security

  • Off-site backups  for better disaster recovery

  • Security Monitoring

  • Backup of your Website & SQL Database

  • Restore of your Website & SQL Database

  • Component/Module updates


Our goal is to remove the burden of security from your daily routine. AHS will not only protect your Joomla website from threats, we will investigate and stop recurring security issues. If your website is damaged, we can restore it for you. Let us help you keep your website secure!

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