Joomla Plugin & Core Updates and Upgrades

A plugin is a kind of Joomla extension. Plugins provide functions which are associated with trigger events. Joomla provides a set of core plugin events, but any extension can custom events. When a particular event occurs, all plugin functions of the type associated with the event are executed in sequence. This is a powerful way of extending the functionality of the Joomla.  


Our Joomla developers are determined to be one step ahead the hackers at all times, but in order for you to benefit from their efforts to keep Joomla safe, you need to keep your Joomla installation up to date. So make sure you benefit of our Joomla services, and we will check for new Joomla versions, and upgrade your Joomla website whenever there is a new version available that is said to deal with security vulnerabilities.


Joomla Component updates


Some websites use additional components within the site to avoid problems and security issues occurring in your website these will also require regular updating. Our team  can monitor this for you and install the required updates for you. Also, we will inform you on a timely basis when a new component update is released and when your site will need to be updated.


Also, some components may require additional changes before an update is installed, AHS developers will inform you of this and make the required changes, before it updates the component version. The cost for this service will depend on the type of component used in the website. Our consultants will advise you whether it would be better to work for your online business.


Using Joomla is a great option for your company, but with any website, there will come a time for updates and upgrades because newer versions of the software have been developed. It is a good idea that you upgrade your Joomla website when a newer version becomes available for both security and feature reasons. Upgrades will offer you new and improved features.


At AHS, we can make sure you have all of the new features available by helping you upgrade your Joomla extensions. The types of upgrades will depend on the latest version of Joomla you are currently using. Some features that are often upgraded include:

  • Smart Search

  • Adding User Notes

  • Edit Page

  • Search Engine Optimization Plug-Ins

  • Multi-Database Support

  • Bug Fixes

  • And much more related services


Updating and Upgrading your Joomla extensions will greatly increase your website efficiency. New Joomla version is always faster, cleaner, and more consistent. The new and updated features will keep your system safe, yet allow you to make changes easily and promptly when needed.

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