Joomla Migrations to Our Servers



Joomla website transfer can be a bit of a battleground if you are not an expert on the field. To transfer Joomla between to another server, a number of steps must be followed and can fail for a number of reasons, from server configuration problems to working out the absolute server path, and also, installation of the accompanying database.


To transfer Joomla with minimum downtime, our team will work to set procedures which ensure that your website is already present and correct on the server before DNS setting on your domain name are changed to point at the new server – our server. This ensures a nearly seamless continuation of services.


Mailboxes and Services


When transferring your domain to our server, it's important to realise that your mailboxes will not come with it! These need to be set up separately on our server. We realise that your mail privacy is important to you, so will keep confidential all you data.


Data Safety


Getting your Joomla website ready for transfer can be a dangerous time for your data, therefore we take backups of everything as it stands, right from the start, including site files and database.


A Fully Functional Joomla Site


You will be left with a Joomla website transfer that is fully functional in every aspect, and identical to the original host.


If you'd like to migrate your Joomla website to our servers,  please contact us for more informations.

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