Joomla Migration to Any Server



Migrating a Joomla website from one server to another is not a complex process for our team. It shouldn’t take very long but there are various occasions where migration might cause a headache or two if you don’t hire a specialist to do it..


Stept we do for your site migration to another server:


  • A backup of all your files

  • Database backup

  • Upload your site

  • Database migration

  • Updating the configuration

  • Updating Folder Permissions

  • Custom base installations


At AHS we have pre packaged installations of Joomla that have a selection of our favourite components, modules and plugins that allow us to create and modify our Joomla installations the way we want them.


Step to follow:


  1. Make inquiry – send us your migration detailed list of services/websites  you would like to get moved

  2. Buy Service – for considerable larger jobs, we will schedule a payment plan for you so you don’t have to pay upfront for the whole job, pay it as we move

  3. We start the migration – you will be updated constantly regarding the migration status


We offer:


  • support of a professional team of system administrators and developers with years of experience

  • Scheduled payment plans

  • 100% Satisfaction


Our AHS team can transfer any website to a new host within hours. We can also help you transfer only parts of your website so you keep costs down. Moving large databases is our passion and helping your business is our job. Why do this job by yourself? You can get this task done properly, trouble free and fast with us!


We can do it all from concept to completion!
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