Joomla Maintenance

AHS is proud to offer Joomla website maintenance plans for our current clients as well as new clients. Purchase one of our website maintenance packages and you will get the help you need to maintain and improve your Joomla website.


Joomla website maintenance ensures that a website is up to date across all the areas including content, technology and marketing, without you having to worry about it. Joomla website maintenance can keep your website up to date, always refreshing your content so that it doesn't go stale. Our Joomla Maintenance Services helps your search engine rankings. When our Joomla support team updates your website it assures you that your links and images have been loaded correctly.


Our Joomla Maintenance services include:


  • Update any content on your site

  • Install and configure new Joomla extensions

  • Provide individual Joomla administrator training via live virtual meetings and webinar

  • Take over where your previous developer left off

  • Temporarily fill in for your Joomla technical support while you replace IT staff

  • Fix broken extensions

  • Resolve extension and template conflicts

  • Fix content that is "misbehaving" and not displaying on the frontend as you intend

  • Help you migrate to a new extension or approach that better suits your needs.

  • Provide Joomla consulting

  • Provide site performance reviews and Joomla hosting recommendations

  • Audit the security of your website and provide proactive security services

  • Handle pretty much anything you need for an existing Joomla website


Also, let us help you with:


  • Product changes and additions

  • Updates to calendar or events

  • Add breaking news or upcoming events

  • Add photos, graphics, graphs and charts

  • Text re-writes and improvements

  • Site facelifts and makeovers

  • Keeping the homepage fresh for return clients


Using AHS Joomla website maintenance, your products and services can remain accessible and helpful in order to maintain existing clients. We have a team of experts in the maintenance and development of the Joomla. Whether you need changes to your template, modules installed or removed, or even custom development work, our experienced developers are here to help.

We can do it all from concept to completion!
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