Joomla Custom Web – based APP

Custom applications bring Web sites to life. From lead generation tools to content management, you can turn your Website into a valuable business tool. AHS can develop an application from the ground up, providing you with exactly your need and requirements.

We also work extensively with open source solutions, which allows us to take an existing application and customize it to meet your business needs. This often makes the application development process, not only faster, but also more cost-effective for your organization.

Advantages using Joomla

  • Websites developed on Joomla have access to highly customizable layouts when required. Unlike the websites without a CMS, Joomla database is driven by the site engines, which is the basic requirement in websites. Joomla CMS also lets its users and developers have polls and voting booths on the website.
  • Joomla gives the Websites the ability to alter and customize the base of the system changing of the default layouts. Being an open source platform, it allows modifying the web pages and files.
  • Joomla also gives developer the freedom to incorporate popular elements e.g. news feeds, footers, archives, and plugins (cache, authentication, website rating, as well as email clocking). The CMS doesn’t only benefit the professional websites but it is equally useful in personal websites, blogs, as well as the e-commerce websites. Joomla CMS ensures the higher ranks with efficient results in the competition.

Our team can assist you with every phase of development process from planning and design, to mock-ups and prototypes, and all the way to the finished product.

We’ve designed and developed Joomla web-based applications, both large and small, to help our clients put their business online for the first time and also to expand their existing online presence. Our team of experts will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that we fully understand your specific needs and goals so that you get exactly what you need to succeed.

We can do it all from concept to completion!
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