In this final phase, the site is officially delivered to the client and opened for public access.

To have a proper function of your site, you should have periodical maintenance to ensure that the site works properly and has relevant and up to date content, and also making enhancements and other improvements to the site.

Once the project is developed to your satisfaction, in your terms, the site is placed live on the server. We will monitor the site activities to ensure that there will be no issues. All client operations associated with the site are implemented and validated.

When your project is released to the market, AHS provides services of maintenance and support. Each project (websites or application) require maintenance and support as technology evolves to meet the demands of your business. We can offer you the maintenance and support you need for your project, at competitive costs.

Our Support Team is available 24/7 and offers you the best services including:

While you rely on your website generate sales or represent your company brand, is important that the site will work well for its users and is an important image for your company. Our developers will test the website to ensure that your website will be:


As your business grows and changes, so will the needs of your website. Successful sites that generate visitors day after day, year after year must be kept up-to-date with fresh content and functions.

Our services can help you have a growing business and a good image of your company – the company business card.

We can do it all from concept to completion!
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