Milestone Billing

Milestone-based billing model develops a long standing partnership between us and our client, based on mutually decided terms and conditions. Under this model, our clients can benefit in the fact that they know a our development company can consistently work upon the decided terms agreed and requirements because there is scheduled revenue to be paid at fixed stages.
The Milestone Billing model is best suited to large long-lasting projects with many measurable phases. Payment schedules are defined on time ( weekly, monthly..) or milestone basis. This model reinforces progress monitoring and reduces large project risks.

How performance based billing model benefits?


  • Our clients can choose milestone billing for the assurance that their requirements are properly met on time as agreed upon prior the project
  • The model creates avenues for stronger chances for milestones to be achieved
  • It creates chance for measurable output
  • It reduces risks and creates our business relationship methodically defined

Milestone-based billing models helps define business objectives. We use this type of billing for a large-scale of diverse projects where relationship with our clients cultures in a remote environment.

In the Milestone model, a larger project scope is broken down into several smaller sets of deliverables. Some example deliverables might include:


  • Develop and Deliver Scope Document
  • Design and Document System Architecture
  • Deliver Database Schema
  • Implement Database Structure
  • Deliver Proof of Concept
  • Implement Database Structure
  • Implement Initial set of Features
  • Deliver the final project
  • Perform software training
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