Fixed Cost and Time Project Model

At this type of project, the cost and time for delivery are negotiated before and the project will be delivered to the client in agreed terms.
The Fixed Cost Model is ideal for low and medium project as complexity and projects where all the technical details are well known from beginning. This model of project requires well-developed technical requirements in form of specification documents, allowing knowing all the project-related risks before starting work. These kinds of projects are in many cases not changed or extended during the implementation.
Fixed cost model requires some participation from the client in the form of timely and relevant feedback and decisions before everything is delivered.

What define this model is:



The client provides detailed and explicit technical and design requirements, to our Project Manager assigned to the project, who will review all the specifications and ensure that all the details are explicit. On the requirement based we will prepare you a detailed offer which will contain the project technical details, time of delivery and cost of the project. If you agreed on terms, this will conclude in a software agreement with all details mentioned in clear. After the Agreement is signed, the project starts.

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