The first and most important phase (and most often overlooked) is the discovery phase. We need to know about your business, your audience, your competition, your goals and what is and isn’t working with what you currently do. Our goal is to drive success, and that requires a well thought-out strategy and a clear understanding of your objectives.


It starts with a series of important questions:

  • What does your brand convey about your business and how well do you stick to it?
  • How do your offline and online marketing efforts compliment each other?
  • Who are you trying to reach and where are you likely to make a connection?
  • How tech savvy is your audience?

In case you sell on-line we help create your Buyer Personas Profile: A buyer persona is a detailed profile of your example customers. It goes beyond demographics. You want to find out who your customers are and what motivates them to buy. The best way to get started is to engage your sales and customer service reps.These are the people within your organization who are interacting with the clients every day. Ask them:

  • Who is your typical buyer?
    • Business or Consumer
    • Male or Female
    • What is their age?
    • What is their income (revenue if they are a business)?
  • What is their education level?
  • What is their job title?
  • What are their problems, challenges?
  • What is important to them?
  • What motivates or impacts their decision to buy?


Once you know who your site’s audience is, you can decide the best way to sell to them. It’s a lot easier creating a website if you know who you are creating it for. Having a perfect understanding of who your audience is will make it easy for your designer and copywriter to create a website that is in tune with your customer’s buying initiatives. To finish the discovery phase you will need to complete a few more questions:

  • What is the objective of the website (generate leads, sell products, provide customer support, etc.)?
  • What is the desired perception (professional, industrial, fun, etc.)?
  • What content will you use to help capture leads of visitors early in the sales cycle(white papers, eBooks, webinars, info graphics, etc.)?
  • What calls to action will your site have (schedule an appointment, free trial, newsletter signup, free download, etc.)?
  • What colors would you like your site to use?
  • What features and functionality would you like your site to have?
  • What type of navigation will your site use to make it easy to use (horizontal, vertical, drop down, mega menu, bread crumb, etc.)?


These and other questions create an audience profile and help define the goals of the project. Only after these concepts have been fully explored, we can then begin the design process. To build a quote for you, we start with a free web consultation where we evaluate your needs, and determine the full scope of the project. We use our own model, the Four Elements of a Website, to make sure all of your needs are assessed. We then produce a written quote for you to review. Our quotes are comprehensive, covering all off the elements surrounding web development, so you don’t have any surprises or hidden costs.


Create a Creative Brief

Once you have answered the above questions you will be able to create a creative brief. A creative brief will include:

  • Buyer personas
  • Website objective
  • Website outline
  • Site perception
  • Color palette
  • Logo in vector format
  • Content for “lead bait”
  • Calls-to-action
  • Navigation preference
  • Detailed description of functionality


A extensive and detailed creative brief will prevent mistakes, reduce revisions, and help keep everyone working on the redesign on the same page. It will help keep the project on schedule and on budget.


AHS builds web quotes from the concept of a “Base Project”. The Base Project is a complete web solution.The Base Project includes:

  • Our “semi-custom” design service
  • Platform installation and basic customization for your site content and blog
  • Basic functionality including web forms, PayPal, social media, search, commenting, and more
  • Search Engine Friendliness (SEF), allowing Google and other search engines to easily find your site
  • A marketing consultation to help your site achieve business goals
  • Use of our development servers, a web hosting consultation, and site launch
  • Installation of Google Apps, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools
  • Platform training
We can do it all from concept to completion!
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