Requirements & Objectives

Depending on your project objectives and specific requirements, we select the most suitable method to deliver the best results. The design is different and is unique for each client, is a design for an institution, and is a different design for a club (for example). It is very important to have a suitable design proposal for each type of client, business and audience. It is also important to incorporate in design, elements such as the company logo or colors to help strengthen the identity of your company on the web site.

Our web designer will create one or more design proposal for you and you will chose the one that suit perfectly with your business. After that, the designers take it a step further by giving you access to a secure area of their web site meant for customers to view work in progress, step by step.

Visual Design

When the visual design cycle starts, the designer uses the content and wireframes to design pixel perfect mockups. Pixel perfect mockups are high fidelity composites that show how the product will look with the content and information architecture together. They are also done iteratively until there is a consensus among stakeholders. Pixel perfect mockups are an important part of the process because they force you to name and clarify all unknown factors before moving into development.

The reason you want your mockups to look perfect before moving into development is because once it’s in development, any changes made to the design can cost a lot time and money. Making changes to the design during the IA or VD cycle is less costly because doing so is relatively quick and easy. Every little thing on the website requires code. And programming the code requires a lot of time and effort. Changing the design is not as easy for a developer, as it is for a designer. That’s why you never want to iterate in the development cycle.

The communication is this part of the project, the design part, is very important; you need to stay in touch with our team to have a final product within your specifications and your business needs.

Monitor & Control the Design Process

It is important also for you to see the project in development stages all the way to be able to add comments, make some changes (if is the case), like or dislike each step of the project. Based on that, our team can do, in time, the changes, replaces necessary for the project to be exactly like you vision is. Some of these changes might be in scope and some out of initial scope but our team will make sure to let you know each time so that you have a crystal clear clarity and full control of your development budget.

The review and approval cycle

A cycle of reviewing, tweaking and approving the mock-ups often takes place until both client and company are satisfied with the design. This is the easiest and best time to make changes, not after the design has been coded. We clearly state in each Scope Document and Quote how many cycles are allowed and what is the detailed process for such activity. Don’t worry, our flexibility is well known and nobody’s opinion is ignored.

Slice and code valid XHTML/CSS

As the main design is approved we than move to another important phase where we slice the final Photoshop mock-up and write the HTML and CSS code for the basic design. Interactive elements and jQuery come later: for now, just get the visuals together on screen, and be sure to validate all of the code before moving on.

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