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When the design is ready to go out to the world — Design done, Testing complete, Requirements satisfied, your project it is ready for production deployment. For many products — and especially for inventors — this is where the real work begins. The Production phase is usually, by far, the most expensive.

Deploy phase is part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): after the system has been tested during the Testing Phase, and accepted by the clients, the system is installed and made operational in a production environment, in accordance with the requirements.

Deployment Procedures

During development, our management team assigns deployment tasks to the specialists. They will review the project status and test results and update the deployment plan, which was initially created during development phase. The team creates task-based procedures that help ensure a successful deployment of each project. During each of the previous phases, the team gathered information that identified what tasks need to be completed before transferring the solution to the testing team.

During the deployment phase, the solution for the product/project is moving from the development and testing phase into the production phase, after the client approvals. The deployment is dependent of the project characteristics and the solution proposal. During the deployment phase will be done training for users, operating instructions, and mentainance solutions will be proposed.

This is the Go-Live phase. Launch the Site with SEO Initiation

When the new website has been verified, the client sign off on delivery and the web site is made live to everyone on the Internet. The final objective of the Deployment is to make the product/project operational and available to be on-line for the client business. We consult the client to plan the best date to go live. Considering the client’s current web site traffic patterns (if this is a redesign) we attempt to launch in a way that minimizes downtime.

After the beta launch has taken place, our Project Managers source feedback from the client and get the final changes incorporated (if any). Once the Client is satisfied with the changes on the website, our team makes the website live! After the website is made live we can offer our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Team the opportunity to take over to bring the site on top 20 listings on major search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN etc.) on “Agreed Keywords”.

With or without SEO we then conduct one final stage of quality assurance testing on the live site after it is fully in production to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We then take a moment to celebrate and then get some sleep!

To prepare and cater for last minute surprises, we scheduling time to fine tune or solve any unexpected challenges during the first few days or weeks of the site debut.

Next: Post Deployment Assessment

Time now to review the web design project and assess how well the stated objectives gained from the initial web proposal or the discovery stage was met. Usually we are met at this stage of the methodology with colleagues grinning ear-to-ear, competitors scratching their heads, and plenty of happy customers using the new web site. Through good methodology and good design we have never had a disappointed customer. By ensuring that we stick to our tried and true methods we don’t just meet the client’s expectations, but we customarily exceed them!

For a few of our clients, we work with them to perform a more formal review of the projects effectiveness. This may include customer interviews, focus groups, usability studies and other measurement techniques. The results gained from this are so that the project can be rapidly adapted and tweaked to meet any newly discovered issues. This ongoing quality improvement initiative is an efficient method of making sure that our client’s internet marketing strategies are working as they were initially expected to.

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