This probably means that PHP is having some sort of problem and is core-dumping. Look in your server error log to see if this is the case, and then try to reproduce the problem with a small test case. If you know how to use 'gdb', it is very helpful when you can provide a backtrace with your bug report to help the developers pinpoint the problem. If you are using PHP as an Apache module try something like:

  • Stop your httpd processes

  • gdb httpd

  • Stop your httpd processes

  • > run -X -f /path/to/httpd.conf

  • Then fetch the URL causing the problem with your browser

  • > run -X -f /path/to/httpd.conf

  • If you are getting a core dump, gdb should inform you of this now

  • type: bt

  • You should include your backtrace in your bug report. This should be submitted to »

If your script uses the regular expression functions (preg_match() and friends), you should make sure that you compiled PHP and Apache with the same regular expression package. This should happen automatically with PHP and Apache 1.3.x

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