When you create a new link on a menu you need to select from a number of different types of links. Which type you select depends on what you are linking to and how you want it to appear. The following types exist:


These types allow you to link to a section, a category or individual content items, static content and archives. Sections and categories can be linked either blog style or list/table style. In addition there is a link type that allows submission to specific content sections.


Separator/placeholder allows you to insert a non active link.

Wrapper creates an Iframe which displays an external page within your Joomla! site.


Submit—Content allows you to link to a form to submit content to specific sections.


Component links allow you to link to components you have installed or that are preinstalled in Joomla!. In some instances components will allow you to set parameters to define the display in more detail. There are also some predefined links to components that are included with Joomla! by default, such as weblinks and contacts.


Links include specific kinds of links, most of which are also included under other headings. URL link is a generic link that allows you to link any specific url, either internal to Joomla! or externally.

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