If you simply install Joomla! without any modifications or extensions, the following (incomplete) list of features will be included.

  • Content component which allows creation and display of "content items" usually in the middle of the page.
  • Front page component, which displays multiple recent content items designated as "front page" in the content manager. Configurable for layout and number of items.
  • Weblinks component for entering and displaying a list of weblinks.
  • Media manager for uploading and managing images and other media.
  • User manager (administrative end) and user registration module (front end).
  • Newsflash module for displaying specific content items as "newsflashes."
  • Modules for latest items, most popular, and related items.
  • A simple poll component
  • A menu system
  • A choice of several templates for your site[/li]
  • Installers for third party extensions (templates, components, modules and plugins/mambots).
  • The TinyMCE wysiwyg editor. 1.5 Also includes xStandard Lite
  • Administrative interface for managing your site

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