You can voluntarily place restrictions on your applet by signing with restrictions. A programmer may opt to use this method to explicitly request certain resources from the user ahead of time.

To do so you will need another program from the Microsoft Java SDK called "PINIEDIT.EXE." When you run this program, it will ask you what resources you need to explicitly request in your applet. It will then create a INI file. Here I named it MyPermissions.ini.

To sign your CAB file with refined permissions use the command:

signcode -j JavaSign.dll -jp c:\MyPermissions.ini -spc c:\keys\MyCred.spc -v c:\keys\MyKey.pvk

Options: -j Do exactly as seen above -jp Name of your INI file created with PINIEDIT.EXE

You now have a signed CAB file with restricted access.

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