The most basic scripting interface developed at W3C is the DOM, the Document Object Model which allows programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. DOM specifications form the core of DHTML.

Modifications of the content using the DOM by the user and by scripts trigger events that developers can make use of to build rich user interfaces.

A number of more advanced interfaces are being standardized, for instance:

  • XMLHttpRequest makes it possible to load additional content from the Web without loading a new document, a core component of AJAX,
  • the Geolocation API makes the user’s current location available to browser-based applications,
  • several APIs make the integration of Web applications with the local file system and storage seamless.

WAI ARIA offers mechanisms to ensure that this additional interactivity remains usable independent of devices and disabilities. Additional considerations apply to the development of Web applications for mobile devices.

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