Take the framework either from Yii site and then proceed with basic software engg. concepts as requirement gathering etc.

This is a basic Understanding Concept in Yii

1. Yii-based apps are driven by data logic. When building an app, always start by making sure that the database schemes are well-designed and optimized to fit the business flow of the app. Therefore, the codes are automatically generated based on the database design.

2.Yii can generate the whole set of PHP codes for you automatically! Just define which database you want to use, and with a few clicks it will create a CRUD (create-read-update-delete) app for you.

3.Yii can generate a skeleton app for you automatically. This skeleton app include a view page, a login page, contact page and basic navigation, all wrapped within a completely organized folder tree based on the standard MVC programming model.

4.The extensive choice of Yii functions makes sense. You will be able to map out its functions to all of the RESPONSE and REQUEST tasks you most often use when building webapps within a matter of minutes. It also doesn’t hurt that the Yii community has kindly provided cheat sheets for the functions so that you can do a quick reference when you need to.

5.The Definitive Guide to Yii document that comes with the Yii install is actually quite easy to go through.

6.Yii uses MySQL and SQLite as its choice database types. Of course, you can run any other type of databases as long as you have its PDO enabled in your php.ini file.

7.Yii is integrated with jQuery, which means that many of the necessary validation functions you use can easily be plugged within the Yii function calls itself, which is usually only a line of code or two.

8.Yii is open-source, and it’s free.

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