You need to define an event handler for the "WindowClosing" event. Under JDK1.02, you can add the following code to your Frame subclasses.

// Response to close events
public void WindowClosing(WindowEvent evt)
	// Close application

If you're using JDK1.1 AWT event handlers, you can use the WindowAdapter class for a similar purpose. Here's a simple application that demonstrates the use of WindowAdapter, as an anonymous inner class.

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class Demo
   public static void main ( String args[] )
	// Create a frame with a button
	Frame f = new Frame("Demo");

	// Add a new button
	f.add ( new Button("demo") );

	// Resize/pack

	// Add a window listener
	f.addWindowListener ( new WindowAdapter () {
		public void windowClosing ( WindowEvent evt )

	// Show window

It doesn't take much code to respond to close events, and makes applications look much more professional.

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