Magento group price is commonly used feature applied to set different product pricing depending on the group, the customer who are trying to make a purchase, belongs to. Using it you can run more targeted marketing, sell products by different prices for different customers, motivate your customers and even provide specific discounts for the most loyal of them.
The necessary thing before creating group pricing is having at least one Magento customer group or a few of them with users assigned. By default there are two customer groups: not logged in and general. “Not logged in” applies to all customers that choose to purchase without creating or logging into an account and “general” is the default group for all newly registered customers (although this can be changed).
The most common customer groups created by store owners are retail group (for customers who would buy bulks of products at wholesale prices) or special clients group (where you can provide your loyal clients some good discount).
With Store Manager for Magento you can add group prices directly in the lower grid, instead of opening ‘Edit Product’ form for each entity. There you indicate web-site, this way you can set different prices for different web-sites and client groups. For one product you can add a couple of group prices and depending on the fact to which customer group the client belongs, different shoppers will see different prices for products. For example, ordinary buyer will see regular product’s price and other users that belong to certain group, will see the prices indicated for them (for that the client should be logged in).
Except from adding Magento group price for each product one-by-one, you can do it massively via Store Manager. For that you need to correctly organize your file, indicating group prices in specific way. To have the example of how the data should be arranged, try to create a couple of grouped prices for different customer groups and then export the file.
Generally, you will see in the field “Group Price” indicated and separated by delimiter web-site name, then Magento customer group and price. For example:
If you have more than 1 group price, separate them by double delimiter as here –
admin|Wholesaler|15.0000||admin|Special client|5.0000
To update or add group prices to existing products you need only to have identifier (SKU) in the file and column with grouped price entered. If you are planning to load grouped prices along with other product details adding goods in bulk to the catalog, include in the file all the necessary fields.
Important not to forget to assign existing in the file columns to corresponding database fields for the data to be uploaded correctly.
Your customers can see discounted prices when logged in, if you set up grouped price with Store Manager for Magento.

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