inBOX25 is a Commercial Email Service Provider (ESP) and core competency is high-volume, permission based email marketing.  At our core, our solution enables organizations to properly create, deliver and track high impact email marketing campaigns.  Even though SugarCRM offers 'email campaigns' as a feature in their native application, it still lacks many of the fundamentals required to properly deploy commercial email.  For example, SugarCRM users are required to provide their own outbound mail service (SMTP) in order to send email campaigns through SugarCRM.  This is inherently problematic because most users will either utilize their corporate email server and risk disrupting their internal email services, should they become blacklisted.  Or, they'll rely on their Internet Service Provider (ISP) as their SMTP provider, in which case they will encounter the same blacklist risk and also a risk of being disconnected as most ISP's forbid sending commercial email through their service.  Not to mention, neither of these solutions are appropriately configured for deploying bulk commercial email.  In both instances, delivery will be very poor and spam filters will become very problematic.  inBOX25 eliminates these delivery hurdles, because our solution gives SugarCRM users access to our state-of-the-art network and delivery service.  Our solution easily bolts onto the native SugarCRM campaign module, to give you the best of both worlds.

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