Important aspect of Magento store running is meticulous planning and ongoing product catalog monitoring and maintaining. Dynamic and organized Magento product catalog creating demands online entrepreneurs to be constantly involved in Magento product update accomplishment.
To maximize the efficiency and productivity of Magento products management and set accurate store content, it’s obligatory to recline upon robust data arranging tool. Store Manager for Magento has built-in Multi Editor tool, which is committed to provide efficient Magento product update.
Store Manager for Magento Multi Editor extension foresees modification of large amount of data at once. Just in a few clicks Magento user can carry out Magento update price operation, change Magento product quantity, status, description, etc. It’s extremely convenient and advantageous to manage Magento products and inventory via Multi Editor tool.
What are main peculiarities of Multi Editor functionality and what entities can be managed via it?
The extension consists of two sections: Products Multi Editor and Inventory Multi Editor
Products Multi Editor section allows to modify all products related information – description, prices, images, etc
By means of Inventory Multi Editor you can efficiently manage products inventory – update Magento products quantity, control products status, change the minimum quantity of products for status to be “Out of stock”, etc
All the necessary alterations can be implemented either to one or numerous items selected from Magento products list
It’s possible to do database backup before changing data with Store Manager for Magento Multi Editor tool and resort to data recovery, on condition that incorrect modifications were brought to Magento data.
The mechanism of modifications bringing is easy and approachable. For example, one needs to perform Magento update price operation. Required products has to be chosen, after this Magento user should choose “Products Multi Editor” option from products toolbar. In the window appeared a shopkeeper should enter new products price or resort to Expression option and change the price value by means of the rule applied. There should be checked the box in front of the field one has to update. Having pressed the “Ok” button, one can see the progress bar on the screen, displaying the course of the process.
Multi Editor is a perfect instrument, which helps to maintain product catalog when online store is up and running. It ensures smooth Magento product update performing and contributes to creating accurate store content.

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