The breadcrumb trail is the links in the header bar on the left of the page. A stock install says Top>>Catalog .

Lets get rid of the "Top"

First open /catalog/includes/application_top.php and find the line: 

$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER);

And comment it out. PHP comments are two forward slashes, like this //.

And you are done. Save and upload the file to your server and check your work. 

A variation is link it to a diffrent page. Just change the same line above to this:

$breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, '');

Make sure you don't have it commented, otherwise the link won't show. Also make sure you have single quotes around your URL or it won't work either.

You can also rename the links like change "Top" to "Home"

Open /catalog/includes/languages/your_language.php and find this line.


And change it too:

define('HEADER_TITLE_TOP', 'Home');

Or whatever suites your fancy. You can also do the same for "Catalog" the code is just below in the same file.

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