The pathway or breadcrumb is a hierarchical trail that shows your current location on the site. The breadcrumb follows the Section, Category, Content Item hierarchy and a site's home page is always listed as the root of the hierarchy as "Home".

An example is as follows; You are currently reading a content item "New Page". This content item is a member of the "Pages " category. In the turn the pages category is a member of the "Books" section. In this case the breadcrumb for that page would look like: "Home >> Books >> Pages >> New Page".

Ver 1.0

If you wish to eliminate the pathway entirely, edit your template html (index) file. Usually it will look like this:

 <?php mosPathWay(); ?>

If you wish to eliminate it on a specific page, such as just the home page, you can modify the template to look like this:

  if($option != "" && $option != "com_frontpage")  {
  <div id="pathway">
  <?php mosPathWay(); ?>
  <?php } ?>

Keep in mind: The first line says that if the option in the url does not equal com_frontpage (!="com_frontpage") display the pathway. In php ! means not.

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