Setting up product catalog with Magento you have abundance of tailor-fit features at your disposal, one of which is the possibility to easily create and efficiently manage different types of Magento products at your store. Indicating appropriate product class is significant for accessing apt feature set required to sell your goods.
It’s very important to correctly define what class this or that product will belong to before adding it to Magento product list. Not infrequently, having created/uploaded some items to Magento, you come to the conclusion, that they should refer to different type – let’s say, you have added products as simple, but need them to be configurable ones. For example, you are selling clothing and need to create different options of certain item for customers to choose between (size, color). You, as store owner, can develop more flexible system of inventory control, while your customers will be able to easily find the product they will be looking for.
Thus, the item on the agenda is “How to convert simple products into configurable not messing things up?” Will you prefer to re-add all the entities and specify details? Surely, it will be time-consuming and cumbersome process. It’s also possible to edit database tables and change Magento products type to needed one, what is quite risky, as you can damage Magento database.
Store Manager for Magento offers you a simpler and understandable way of converting simple products into configurables. Product type can be changed by means of corresponding option, available on Magento products toolbar or in the product context menu. Although, to make simple Magento item configurable, you should ensure that attribute set, the product belongs to, has configurable attributes. For that proceed with the following:
Go to Store Manager Attributes section, and then find attribute set, associated to current Magento item in the left pane of Manage Attributes window. Check whether at least one Magento attribute included to this attribute set has Scope field set to “Global” and Catalog Input Type – to “Dropdown”. This is required, as you should have Magento attribute with options to create configurable product. You can create required attribute and assign it to appropriate attribute set in “Manage Attributes” section of the application.
What are further operations?
Having accomplished the preparations, go to Magento product list and select an item you want to convert to configurable.
Call up dialog box, clicking on Change Product Type icon and then select target product type from the drop-down list. Press Ok button to apply alteration.


In Type field of product grid you will see product class turned to configurable.
Just in several clicks you’ve got a configurable product, that can home wide scope of associated products that will create options for your customers. Thus, now you have to add simple products to just created configurable item. You may already have them created and available in Magento product list. To associate items to configurable product proceed with the following:
Select configurable product, then go to Store Manager lower grid and switch to Associated Products tab. On the toolbar/in the context menu you will find “Add associated product” button. Press it to open dialog box. Check boxes for items you want to associate to Magento configurable product. Press Ok button to fulfil the procedure.
On condition that simple Magento products have not been created yet, you can efficiently generate them with Store Manager functionality. Having chosen configurable Magento product and switched to corresponding tab of the lower grid you have, first of all, specify configurable attribute, on the basis of which associated products will be generated. Press “Select Configurable Attributes” button on the toolbar, check the box/boxes for necessary attribute/s and press Ok. Magento attributes being specified, resort to “Create Associated Products” option to generate required simple products.
Use alternative route of changing Magento product types with Store Manager for Magento application – avoid hours of tiresome product re-adding and create customizable product catalog.

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