The location of your default Zend Server document root depends on the operating system and the Web server you are using:

For Windows

If Zend Server is running on Microsoft IIS – C:/inetpub/wwwroot

If Zend Server is running on Apache – C:/Program Files/Zend/Apache2.2/htdocs

If you changed the location of your Zend Server installation, your document root will be located at <Zend_Server_installation_directory>/Apache2.2/htdocs , where <Zend_Server_installation_directory&gt ; is the location of the directory in which your Zend Server is installed.

For Linux

the location of your document root is defined by your distribution's Apache packages, and will vary depending on your distribution and configuration.

Common locations include:

  • Debian, Ubuntu – /var/www
  • Fedora Core, RHEL, CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux – /var/www/html
For Mac OS X


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