If you edit the html of your template, you will see that each position is assigned to a location using mosLoadModules.

Usually it looks something like this:

<?php if (mosCountModules('top')>0) mosLoadModules ( "top" ); ?>

By default, modules are arranged in a vertical list. However, you can control this by changing the line. For example, to make a horizontal layout use

<?php if (mosCountModules('top')>0) mosLoadModules ( "top", 1 ); ?>

For vertical

<?php if (mosCountModules('top')>0) mosLoadModules ( "top", 0 ); ?>

Here are the definitions of the numbers for mosLoadModules: 1 = horizontal, 0 = normal, -1 = raw, -2 = XHTML and -3 = extra divs .

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