This is actually quite easy. Follow these steps carefully:

  • Grab the latest Apache 1.3 distribution from »
  • Ungzip and untar it somewhere, for example /usr/local/src/apache-1.3.
  • Compile PHP by first running ./configure –with-apache=/<path>/apache-1.3 (substitute <path> for the actual path to your apache-1.3 directory).
  • Type make followed by make install to build PHP and copy the necessary files to the Apache distribution tree.
  • Change directories into to your /<path>/apache-1.3/src directory and edit the Configuration file. Add to the file: AddModule modules/php4/libphp4.a.
  • Type: ./configure followed by make.
  • You should now have a PHP-enabled httpd binary!

Note:You can also use the new Apache ./configure script. See the instructions in the README.configure file which is part of your Apache distribution. Also have a look at the < INSTALL file in the PHP distribution.

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