Yes, as of version 1.0.4 it is now possible to render multiple points to the same map. This can be accomplished in two ways:

  1. by rendering multiple results to the same container;
  2. by manually specifying the lat/lon where the marker is to be placed.


$result is an array of GeoCode_Result objects from a Google Driver.

$result[0]->renderMap('map_canvas', array(
    'mapTypeId' => 'ROADMAP',
    'zoom' => 13

Render the second result to the same map; note that any options passed to the function will be ignored since this canvas has already been initialized


Render a point manually to that same canvas; note that the arguments are in this order because if no canvas is specified, it defaults to using the last one created

$result[0]->renderPoint($my_lat, $my_lon, 'map_canvas');

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