Sometimes pagination will break and give unexpected results, redirect you to the wrong page or give you a 404 (page not found) on the "paged" pages. This is usually due to your theme altering (querying) the main loop wrong.

De-activate all plugins to rule out plugins breaking the pagination. If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s). If you are using plugins for your pagination see the plugin section of this page.

Re-save your permalink structure on the Permalinks Screen (wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks) or set it to the default structure to see if that fixed it.

Ask for help in the forums if you find the "Advanced Troubleshooting Steps" below a bit too technical or if it didn't help solve your broken pagination. Provide links if possible to a page demonstrating the problem, and where you downloaded your theme from. State what troubleshooting steps you did or did not do. Bonus points if you have read the forum welcome, searched for a solution yourself, located and submitted the template file where the pagination is broken to a paste bin and added a link to it in your forum topic.


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