If you added some some CSS to your custom.css file, and nothing shows up on your page, there are two potential problems.

  • Errors in your CSS file

    If there are certain errors in your file, CSS won’t work. These errors include a missing }at the end of a declaration, or an extra { or } somewhere in the file.

    Then, if there’s a missing semi-colon at the end of a property:value pair, this will cause the next property:value pair to not be recognized.

    Lastly, and least likely, you could have a spelling error. If it weren’t for Coda’s excellent auto-complete I would probably spell “color” as “colour” far more often (that’s how you spell it in Australia).

  • Your CSS isn’t specific enough

    If your CSS is not being applied, there might be some other CSS that is taking priority. You can use Firebug to find what that CSS is.

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