Joomla! has a limited access control system. By default there are the following groups: Front End Only

  • Public
  • Registered
  • Author
  • Publisher

Back End

  • Manager
  • Administrator
  • Super Administrator

There are two basic ways that access control is used:

  • To control the ability of users to see modules, content and menu items;
  • To control the actions that users can take.

Access to content, modules and menu links

All groups except Public and Registered are considered "Special."

When creating content or setting parameters for modules, you can set access to: Public, Registered or Special.

These groups are hierarchical. Groups further down the list have all the rights of those above them.

Control of privileges to create and edit content and modify administrative settings.


Group Front End Back End
Public Can view public pages None
Registered Same permissions as "Public"

Can view content and modules limited to registered. Can submit weblinks

Author Same permissions as "Registered"

Can submit but not publish content. Can edit his own content once published.

Editor Same permissions as "Author"

Edit any content.

Publisher Same permissions as "Editor"

Can publish and edit any content.

Manager Same permissions as as "Publisher" Limited
Administrator Same permissions as "Publisher" Most privileges
Super Administrator Same permissions as "Publisher" All privileges

Each group can view the content and modules at the same level or above on this table.

There is no way to create additional access groups without modifying Joomla!'s core files.

There are some extensions available which provide additional access control capabilities.

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