BOCA RATON, FL March 16, 2015 Angel Hot Soft, LLC, (AHS) a full-service web development company, announced today they have released three new online HTML5 Design Tools that help people create designs for their social presence using the latest technology , being cross platform and reliable. These tools can be found at


We aim to help people and companies in starting the road to becoming market leaders, to allow them to gain new followers and new customers with beautiful social presence. With our tools we help them getting their feet on the social ever changing and challenging ground with their own unique designs, easy to change at anytime from anywhere with little or no design skills.


AHS is a developer of custom web applications that is not only focused on providing the newest tools; they also act as a strategic technology counsel for corporate customers. They coach, advise, produce and manage websites, web-presences of ecommerce and social top notch solutions. AHS continues to serve corporate clients in different types of industries. The effective and great-looking websites are created in helping clients build their brands, engage customers and inform the audiences. They are helped in reducing the operating costs and generating leads where even new revenue streams are developed.


The new online HTML5 Design Tools are built as a result of the company’s efforts into having a complete understanding on the goals of the clients and to help each one get closer and faster in front of their audience without having to go thru the hurdle of waiting for a design agency to change a simple avatar, a simple banner or cover. Your commercial messages can reach your audience in the same day, in matter of hours at your own discretion and under your full creative control. For many, making timely and accurate change, this simple operation was a huge challenge so we’ve invested in tools that can be used for free at any time and from anywhere.


The company is trusted by previous clients for their effective learning, communication, collaboration and openness while staying lean and agile, now everyone can benefit from the company expertise and experience.


“We decided to offer free tools after we've delivered custom tools for many paying customers specially showcased on our landing page here,” Marius Ion, CEO of AHS “We don't want you to lose your money on things that are not needed at that stage of your company. We will offer these tools for free and in time add others supporting anyone in their efforts. We know what it takes to start your business, we will hand hold you every step and guide you to make just the right steps.” said Marius.




If you are interested to know more about the company, feel free to visit this website

Marius Ion ANGEL HOT SOFT LLC (800) 316-7677